Aesthetic Fly BTS

This video was a fun little creation I used to (sort-of) teach myself Final Cut Pro. I initially had no direction, I just wanted to combine a bunch of videos I have had saved on my phone for the past few years. Most of the videos I had first taken on Snapchat with no intentions of using them elsewhere. Because I had taken the videos vertically, I had to adjust the aspect ratio to 4×5 to make it consistent across the whole video.

For music, I went to Free Music Archive and searched for something to use in the background of the video. Searching for “indie music” I found one user who had a music style I enjoyed. Upon finding a piece I really liked, I had a better idea for putting together the video. The beat of the music gave me the idea to take sections of the videos and change their speed and reverse them.

Making this video has made me want to create a series of aesthetic gifs or short looping videos. I liked this video, though it made me want to keep changing what I was working on. I decided to finish the video I was working on and I could adapt it to other projects later.

Uploading this video was another challenge in itself. I decided to host it on my Twitter, but getting that video up was difficult. At first the file was an enormous 2GB mov file that wouldn’t download to my phone, so then I had to convert it to an mp4. Then Twitter decided to mess with my mind and make the audio mess up when I tried to view it right away. I really had to scroll through my feed a bit then go back to my profile and bobs-your-uncle the issue was solved.

I could’ve kept editing, especially after my last export finding one thing I wanted to change, but I forced myself to come to a stopping point and move on to my next project.

In case you haven’t see it, check out my video!

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